Babe Dey My House.

IG: @pachutorresart.

One Babe Dey My House

You can barely pronounce her first name, and only remember her last name vaguely. She’s too awfully shy and you can’t even place it. On Facebook, you think, she’s the fucking party. Now she’s sitting across of you, a can of Fayrouz sweating in her grasp, looking as blank as your chemistry test sheet back in SS1. You find out, from every phrase she utters in response to your questions, that you have very little in common, and whatever attraction you must have had for her should have been left at the thirsty emojis you responded to her stories with.

Babe Dey My House

v. You both endured the circus for about five weeks before you let her off. There was no gentle way to do this. She did not give you a good reason to leave, so you made up a ridiculously flimsy one. Didn’t matter to you how obvious it was to her, that you only rode on the waves of her affection for as long as her pussy fascinated you.

My Babe Dey My House

This is the one you’re having raw sex with. These days she lies naked beside you and sometimes you can swear you have lost the carnal desire to plough her like you used to. OK sometimes sha, especially after she does something to make you feel a bit insecure, like when she posts some other dude with suggestive captions. You get turned on by a possessive, jealous rage, and you lay the territorial dick smoothly on her fine ass.



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Victor Daniel

Victor Daniel


Humour, social criticism, fiction, and reflection. Stories in Zikoko, Brittle Paper, Kalahari Rewiews, Lolwe, Afrocritiks, and more. Contact: